lundi 22 novembre 2010

Airtel assouplit son logo

Le premier opérateur de télécommunications indien, Airtel, qui pèse plus de 200 millions d'utilisateurs vient de moderniser son image avec Brand Union.
"Our unique symbol is an interpretation of the ‘a’ in Airtel. The curved shape and the gentle highlights on the red color make it warm and inviting, almost as if it were a living object. it represents a dynamic force of unparalleled energy that brings us and our customers closer. Our specially designed logo type is modern, vibrant and friendly. It signals our resolve to be accessible, while the use of all lowercase is our recognition for the need for humility. Red is part of our heritage. It is the color of energy and passion that expresses the dynamism that has made Airtel the success it is today, in india, and now on the global stage."

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