mardi 21 juin 2011

L'univers graphique du Design Museum de Boston

Le Design Museum de Boston ouvert en 2010 a souhaité se doter une d'une marque dynamique traduisant l'accessibilité et le mouvement.

 "Design Museum Boston (DMB) is not your typical museum. It’s nomadic, creating temporary pop-up exhibits throughout New England. This allows DMB to share design with everyone, not just the design community, while showcasing that design is all around us. To reinforce this mission, their brand identity needed to express both accessibility and movement. Using an open process, DMB broadcast the design exploration behind the brand identity on the web. The resulting dynamic mark is a true metaphor for community coming together to understand design." proclame l'agence qui a conçu le logotype, l'agence Continuum.

A cette adresse, découvrez les différents logos imaginés pour le Musée.

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