jeudi 19 juillet 2012

L'insoutenable poids du logo

Ton Meijdam du Studio Smack propose une vidéo sur le concept de la combinaison transparente.
Source : logo design love
Merci à monsieur pop.

“A data body is a collection of personal data that consists of all the information you have ever left behind through your buying behaviour, mobile phone, surfing habits, online social communities et cetera. Everywhere you fill in something personal it immediately enters your data body, which then grows without you even being aware of it. And the only thing you have to do is be a consumer or civilian. Therefore our existence has become increasingly transparent on virtually every level. Decisions are aligned with our desires and needs, and technology is used to track us as accurately as possible.
“The ‘Transparency Suit’ visualizes the unseen flow of information around us (in this case as a result of our buying behaviour). It shows us an aesthetic and expressive solution that reveals a new field of visual code. The hidden information of the data body is made visible through a second skin, a suit that falls outside of the everyday experience.”

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